The APBPA Merchandise Store is Currently Offline.

We are working to bring it back up and resolve previous issues.

Fraud Investigation

At the moment, we are conducting an internal fraud investigation.  If you have made purchases from this store previously and have NOT received your merchandise, we ask for your help.  You can help us by downloading, filling out, notarizing and returning a Fraud Affidavit Form.  Please make 2 copies, one to keep for your own records, and one that is mailed in.  Thank You, your help is appreciated.

Also- it has come to the attention of the board that there was a pattern of retaliation when members inquired about unfulfilled merchandise orders.  If you were a victim of such retaliation, please add these details to your fraud affidavit.  Such behavior is not inline with what the APBPA stands for.  We will work with you to reinstate membership records.  If/When we regain access to social media channels, we will work to restore your access to social groups as well.

Transactions made on behalf of, have been tied to the domain  If you made purchases related to the APBPA and find transactions in credit card statements you did not authorize showing up as, please provide details in your fraud affidavit.  While we believe we have identified the source and nature of fraudulent activities, detailed affidavits provided by members will help identify all methods of fraud, help build a case against individual(s) involved in fraud, and help the APBPA seek and provide restitution.

Download Fraud Affidavit

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