Want your metal Lifetime Membership APBPA Gold Card?

If you want to know if you’re eligible for your historical keepsake Association of Professional Ballplayers of America Lifetime Membership metal gold card please call us at (480) 404-9339 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or email us at

As far as Membership benefits go for the metal Gold Card, we are an assistance organization of professional Ballplayers assisting all those employed by professional baseball since 1924. Through the APBPA, player dues and donations greatly assist many former Ballplayers, Umpires, Coaches, Scouts, Trainers, and Clubhouse Personnel and their families when they are in dire need with monthly assistance.

By paying your annual dues, and becoming a Lifetime Member, you also become eligible to receive assistance should you or your family ever need it. Historically, we have provided assistance to over 3,700 members of the Baseball Brotherhood and Family in need. Our goal going forward is to provide a minimum of $1,000,000 in assistance annually to the Baseball Brotherhood and Family in need when they have no other safety nets to rely on.

As far as getting into baseball games with your APBPA Membership card, it is Club Courtesy when the Clubs allow game entry. Minor league games are typically easy to gain entry to and also MLB games that aren’t a sellout. Most Clubs are very generous with our members and do offer 2 tickets when politely presented with the metal card at will call or the press gate. If they don’t offer tickets, many will allow a cardholder in for standing room only.

Additionally, we are hearing APBPA members use their Gold Cards successfully to get into other venues as well like exclusive bars and comedy clubs.

It is also a beautiful, prestigious keepsake to pass down to your family members so they can continue their involvement with the Baseball Family through the APBPA as well.

Please help make baseball history with us and help the APBPA achieve our first 100th year anniversary by renewing your APBPA membership at or purchasing your metal lifetime membership metal Gold Card.

Anytime a Member comes to us with a need, the Baseball Brotherhood and Baseball Family, through the APBPA, has the network of resources to solve their challenges whatever they may be with zero judgment and complete confidentiality. As you all know, most of our Membership is comprised of the non pensioned minor leaguers and the APBPA is ultimately their only safety net throughout life after Baseball.

We are now going above and beyond the historical financial assistance we provide and offer our Members increased value by helping to uplift them mind, body, and spirit with a holistic range of new programs brought to APBPA Members by former players and Members of the Baseball Family.

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