Member Announcement!

By September 3, 2019No Comments

The APBPA is imminently unrolling a bunch of holistic new programs to help current and former players and all of our Members on every level- physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. We are so excited for what is in the works for you all!! It is tremendously powerful and awesome! 

Thank you Smoke Patterson and Michelle Pryor for all your recent efforts to ensure the highest and greatest good is achieved for everyone involved!

We are now in a brief transitional period where we are implementing the outsourcing, drop shipping, and automating of most our non crucial tasks and procedures due to the fact that there are only 2 daily APBPA employees with one being our beloved President Bobby Grich and our popularity, momentum, and the need for Member assistance has been increasing exponentially.

Thank you all for your patience with us at this time!! All your calls and emails are important to us and we are getting to everyone’s requests as quickly as possible.

The new online store with the all brand new merchandise will be unrolled imminently as well. You are welcome to email all your merchandise suggestions to us at as we are happy to carry all the merchandise you want.

Going forward, all Membership card and merchandise orders will be handled out of house and drop shipped straight to you timely.

Also, our new membership card drop shipper does now have all the outgoing card orders and they’re being processed.  Thank you for your patience with us while we enrolled this new program! In the meantime if you’re awaiting your plastic card in the mail, please go online at (if you have already renewed for 2019) and use promo code: APBPA2019 and a virtual membership card will be available for you immediately.

Clubs and other venues are accepting the virtual membership card in lieu of the plastic cards. Thank you again for all your support, teamwork, and patience! We have exciting and amazing things coming together for you all!