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APBPA Initial Report to AZAG

Scottsdale, Arizona— 23 September 2021 — Founded in 1924 by twelve former players including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb; the Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization involved in furnishing temporary financial assistance to sick or terminal members of the professional Baseball Family with no other source of income or relatives to provide assistance.

Beginning in May 2021, newly formed APBPA Board of Directors launched an internal investigation into the Association’s President and Secretary-Treasurer, Ms. Jennifer S. Madison. Certain Board Members conducted a 12-week internal investigation as it discovered a series of operational follies potentially risking the legal and financial life of the nearly 100-year-old legendary Association. As a result, Jennifer Madison was served a cease-and-desist order and terminated; however, Ms. Madison refused to surrender APBPA property.

Said internal investigation conducted by Board Members; Kevin Simmons, Justin Gedge, Kameron Loe and Dr. Burns, ND resulted in the filing of a 100+ page complaint with Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Under the leadership of Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, said complaint ensued prompt execution of a search warrant of Ms. Madison’s residence. Office equipment and decades of APBPA property was successfully recovered.

In a statement released by APBPA President, Dr. Burns, ND, “APBPA Leadership does recognize submitting a 100+ page complaint to and involvement by Arizona Attorney General’s Office. Our focus is making APBPA bigger, better and stronger than ever. We have no further comment at this time.

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