Membership Dues and Application

Yearly Dues:

  • Current MLB Players: $150
  • Current Minor & Independent Players: $45
  • All Former players [MLB, MiLB, Independent]: $45
  • All Current & Former Clubhouse Personnel: $45
First Batch of APBPA Membership Cards Goes OUT

Many members have reported to us that membership cards have not been delivered in over 2 years. That changed on Wednesday 22 September 2021 when the first batch of new plastic member cards mailed out. Moving forward, membership cards are included with your annual dues.


Back Dues

If you are behind on dues, don’t worry. We will work with members who stepped away to renew membership.  If you wish to pay back dues, we will accept them.  If this is a hardship, we understand.  No back dues are expected for years where you were not involved. We are glad to have former members return.  You can renew and continue paying dues to work towards your Lifetime Membership and Gold Card.

Lifetime Membership and Gold Card

The 2021 board has reviewed what we saw happening with Gold Cards over the past several years and consulted with previous leadership to understand what has happened historically with the APBPA.  Moving forward, Lifetime Membership and the associated Gold Card is available to members who have paid dues for 20 years.  There will be no extra or unnecessary cost of $1,000 for having your Gold Card issued.  We are honored to have members in the organization and honored to convert them to lifetime members when they reach their 20-year mark.

Players with at least 10 years of paying dues in the organization have the option to pre-pay the remaining years to become a Lifetime Member and receive a Gold Card.

Every member is eligible to receive our exclusive benefits, including

  • APBPA membership card.
  • Window stickers are not available at this time.  We will have these back in 2022.
  • Association Newsletters
  • Ability to stay in contact with former players and teammates

Additionally, below you’ll find a list of vendors offering special discounts and offers to all APBPA members.

CLICK HERE TO SEE AVAILABLE BENEFITS – NOTE, the 2021 board is reviewing benefit programs and working on ways to improve.  We want to add more value to members.


The 2021 board is working on an application form and will post it on this page.  Check back in a few days.

If you have EVER been a member, but you do not remember your membership number, click the link below.


We are working with developers to build something more appropriate than this.  Members should have their own login portal… full control over renewal/donations, etc… and we know that.  Until then, we use what we inherited.